Facebook login configuration

Facebook Login Configuration (video)

Facebook app is used in many cases, the most used case is Facebook login integration on the website. In this tutorial, we’ll provide the step-by-step guide to creating a new Facebook application. To implement login with Facebook on the website, you need to register an app in Facebook developers panel.You’ll get App ID and App Secret from the Facebook app, these details are required for authenticating your web application with Facebook.

Facebook Apps Creation

To create the Facebook appApp ID, and App Secret, follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Facebook Developers page and login to your Facebook developer account.
  • Navigate to the Apps page.
  • Click on Add a New App. A popup would be appear.
  • Select a platform to get started. If this app would be used with the web application then select Website.facebook-app-creation-tutorial-select-platform-by-codexworld
  • Choose an existing app or type the name of your new app (MyWebLoginApp).facebook-app-creation-tutorial-application-name-by-codexworld
  • Enter the Contact Email and select app Category. Click on Create App ID.facebook-app-creation-tutorial-contact-category-by-codexworld
  • Skip the quick start process by clicking on Skip Quick Start link.facebook-app-creation-tutorial-skip-quick-start-by-codexworld
  • You would be redirected to the Apps Dashboard.facebook-app-creation-tutorial-dashboard-by-codexworld
  • Click on Settings from the left side navigation menu panel.
  • Enter the App Domains (If you want to test Facebook login at the localhost server, then your App Domains should be localhost).
  • Click on Add Platform button and select Website as a platform.
  • Now enter your website URL (http://localhost/facebook-login/) and Save Changes.facebook-app-creation-tutorial-settings-page-by-codexworld
  • Click on App Review link from left side navigation menu panel. Make your app live and available it for public.facebook-app-creation-tutorial-settings-page-by-codexworld
  • Click on Products > Facebook Login link from left side navigation menu panel. Now enter Valid OAuth redirect URIs (http://yourdomain.com/)  and Deauthorize Callback URL  (https://yourdomain.com/includes/social_login/facebook/index.phpand Save Changes.facebook-app-creation-tutorial-review-live-public-by-codexworld

Congratulation! your apps creation has completed.

  • Back to the Apps Dashboard, you’ll see the App ID and App Secret.facebook-app-creation-tutorial-settings-page-by-codexworld

Setup for Quickad Classified

App ID and App Secret are needed for using the Facebook APIs. Check the following tutorials where we’ve used the App ID and App Secret for accessing Facebook Login API. Copy and paste in Admin Setting > Site setting