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How to Upgrade Quicklancer

  • Step 1:- Go to Admin > Update page.
  • Step 2:- Upload there QUICKLANCER-CMS-VERSION.zip file in uploader. (If the upload process does not work then you can maually upload the zip file in admin/uploads folder via FTP or Cpanel.)
  • Step 3:- After uploading completed you can see install button.
  • Step 4:- Click on install button and wait for complete
  • Step 5:- Done.

Note:- If the process does not work then it means the post_max_size value is very low in your server php.ini file. So edit below values in php.ini file or contact to your service provider.

memory_limit = 512M 

post_max_size = 512M 

upload_max_filesize = 512M