Quickad installation guide


Quickad Classified - How to install (video)

Before install, Your server must match following requirements to run the script properly

PHP 5.6.0+
OpenSSL PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
PHP Fileinfo extension
PHP Zip Archive
PDO PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension
JSON PHP Extension
Rewrite Module (Apache or Nginx)

Please consider that some other php setting values might be required.

PHP.INI Requirements

open_basedir must be disabled

File and folder permissions

/includes/config.php        775

Create a new database on your mysql server, after unzpip the file you downloaded from CodeCanyon and upload the contents of QUICKAD-CMS-VER folder to your server root, usually /path/to/www/ or /path/to/html/ or /path/to/public_html/.

Important: Make sure that .htaccess file got copied properly from the download to main QuickadClassified folder on your server.

Open your site in the browser.

It will redirect to /install directory (like http://mysite.com to http://mysite.com/install)

  • Step 1: Choose language and click next.
  • Step 2: Write codecanyon purchase code.
  • Step 3: Create a database with phpmyadmin.
  • Step 4: Enter database dbhostname,dbusername,dbpassword,dbname. and click Next
  • Step 5: Enter Admin login details. and click Next

All is done Installation completed. click on frontend and enjoy with Quickad